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Heartship Baking Company

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Caico.   I created Heartship in 2019, in Orlando, Florida with one mission in mind and that was to bring people together.  For me food has always served as a creative vessel, bringing those around me whom I care for together, sharing love and laughter.  I began my journey as a chef in 2011 at Le Cordon Bleu. I am a self taught baker with a passion for holistic wellness, community, and all things creative.

When creating Heartship it was very important to me that what I produced was meaningful and all inclusive.  I wanted to try something new and innovative that hadn't been done but also give people a sense of comfort and familiarity that was easily recognizable. This is why many of the baked goods I make are from things I have personally experienced, especially from my childhood.

When you support Heartship you are not only supporting my dream... You are helping bring people together, spread kindness, and make the world a little sweeter.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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