Frequently Asked Questions


How does free delivery/pickup work?

1. All orders should be placed 24 hours before delivery or pickup We offer FREE NEXT DAY delivery! 2. Any orders placed after 5 PM are for the following day. (i.e- Orders placed Monday after 5 pm will be delivered on Wednesday) 3. When you place your order in the checkout you will be asked if you'd like delivery or pickup... Please FILL IN which method (delivery or pickup) you would like, your address and the time you'd like to recive your order. 4. Upon placing your order you will recive a confirmation once your order has been accepted. 5. You will recive a message when your order is ready for pickup. You will recive a message when your order is on the way for delivery! We offer FREE pickup and delivery all over Central Orlando during business hours. **WE DO NOT OFFER ANY SAME DAY SERVICES! *** WE DO NOT DELIVER ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY!** ** WE DO NOT DELIVER CAKES!**

Where do you offer FREE delivery?

Heartship Baking Company is based in Winter Park, Florida. We offer FREE delivery and pickup to all of Central Orlando. (10 mile radius of our kitchen) Area's that qualify for Free delivery include (all areas between listed areas are included): -Winter Park -Altamonte Springs -Oviedo -Apopka -Millenia -Metro West -Doctor Phillips -Conway -Downtown Orlando **There will be a $10.00 DELIVERY CHARGE for areas outside of the free delivery area. Please keep in mind we do offer FREE PICKUP. ** WE DO NOT DELIVER CAKES!**

What if I need a rush order?

If you need a rush order please call us at (407)782-8430

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds! If your baked goods were damaged, you weren't satisfied, or any other reason we sincerely apologize and will do the best we can do resolve the matter at hand. We can replace an order, exchange an order or offer store credit. Cake orders: All cakes have a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 50%

Where can we find Heartship Baked Goods locally?

You can find Heartship baked goods at some of our favorite local places around Orlando. -Infusion Tea (College Park) -Framework Coffee (Mills) -Roots Raw Juice Bar (Lake Mary) The variety of baked goods at each location is different and may change weekly.

Where is Heartship located?

Heartship Baking Company does not have a storefront! We operate out of a small kitchen in Winter Park bringing you artesianal vegan, gluten free, and allergy friendly baked goods! We are looking to open a space in 2021 (:

What happens if I order after 5 pm?

If you order after 5 pm your delivery will come the following day. Example: Orders placed after 5pm on Monday will be delivered Wednesday! **If you need a rush order you must call in advance! A refund will immediately be issued if you place an order after 5 pm with the expectation of recieving pastries the following day. (No exceptions) WE DO NOT DELIVER ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY!

What happens if I recieve a refund without requesting one?

If you recieve a refund of any kind you will recive an explination immediately. Generally, if you recive a refund it is because we cannot accomodate an order or we are not accepting orders (ordering is closed do to being booked full). Thank you.

What does it mean when the Marketplace says "Ordering Closed"

When the Marketplace displays ordering closed on the main page it means we are fully booked during that time and we are not accepting orders for delivery/pickup. If you place an order during a time period when the marketplace displays "ordering closed" you will recieve an immediate refund. Subscribing to our website lets you know when we have updates, specials and when the marketplace is open or closed. You can find Heartship baked goods at any of our partnering locations.


Do you offer shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not ship. (yet!) We do offer FREE delivery and free pickup to all of Central Orlando!

Dietary Info & Allergies

Does Heartship use eggs or dairy?  Are Heartship baked goods vegan?

Heartship is dedicted to being 100% VEGAN, meaning we use absolutely no animal products including eggs or dairy.

What gluten free options do you have? Why gluten free?

Every single baked item we produce is 100% gluten free! Heartship has created a unique organic flour blend that is completely free of wheat for everyone to enjoy. Gluten intolerances and celiac disease are rather common these days. At Heartship we believe you should be able to enjoy delicious food without the discomfort of having an allergy or dietary restriction.

Why organic?

What you put in your body is important to us! We know that the best quality products come from the best quality ingredients, therefore we have went above and beyond to source organic! Organic ingredients are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents making foods higher in nutritional value, easier to digest and better for your body! Organic produce is also better for the environment and more sustainable!

Are Heartship products nut free? Do Heartship products contain soy?

We avoid nuts as often as we can to be as allergy friendly as possible. None of our products contain any soy. All of our products that do contain nuts include a disclaimer to assist with allergy awareness. If you have an allergy to nuts or any specific item please let us know so we can accomidate you.

What kind of sweetner does Heartship use?

We utilize organic cane sugar, organic powdered sugar, and organic maple syrup. We do not use alternative sugars.


Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm   ​​
Sat - Sun: CLOSED


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