Includes 4 tartes:

(Limit: One flavor)


Keylime Tarte: 

A delicious tender shortbread crust, filled with baked keylime curd, and topped with toasted meringue.


Cheese Tarte :

A lightly sweet tarte loaded with a sweet creamy cheese filling and topped with fresh local fruit.


Cookies n' Cream Cheese Tarte:

Cookies n' Cream cheese filling inside of a chocolate shortbread crust, topped with a white chocolate shell and chocolate cookie crumble.


Chocolate PeanutbutterTarte:

Chocolate chip shortbread crust filled with a chocolate peanutbutter cream filling, topped with a chocolate shell and salted carmamel drizzle.


Salted Caramel Tarte:

A salted caramel filled tarte, topped with a chocolate shell, pink sea salt, inside of a tender pie crust.



Seasonal Tartes

  • Note: All of our tartes contain a form of nuts or are cross contaiminated with nuts.  If you have an allergy please inform us so we can better accomidate you. -Thank you.


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